Prayer Request:

o ask you pray for pilgrims rest church a week ago tonight .the Church burnt down .there is no way to determine the exact cause.. . even though it does appear as a possible set fire , this has always been a mission church in the community. it was very sad thing to see at 1:30 a.m sunday morning seeing the church on fire. we have another church building to use. pray God lead us help us

Praise Report:

i would like to give a update .we had our first service since the fire . good spirit the anointing was there. no doubt about it.. people were happy excited singing was the best i have heard from the cong in years. we had communion. what is so great this is a missionary baptist church . we are a non denom church.. the insurance company is working with us . they ruled the fore undetermined .had it been ruled arson it could have been tied up for months. most of all the anointing which i had prayed for was there. one of the members from the the Church we are using (joint services} said this Did not catch God off guard . please keep praying for pilgrims rest church . pray that we keep the excitement up and we follow his lead . thanks